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St.Helena Vine Pruning Contest

By: Lauren Leonardo
January 4th 2020
Merced, CA- On January 3rd our Vine Pruning CDE team traveled to Napa Valley for their first contest, held by St.Helena FFA. The team had the opportunity to tour the Castello Di Amorosa Winery, taste grape juice, and take a lot of photos. The following day our team competed in the contest and received 3rd place overall as a team. The team also earned 2rd place on the test and 3rd place for Bilateral Spur pruning. Congratulations to our team!
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Back to School BBQ

By: Lauren Leonardo
August 28th 2019
Merced, CA- FFA Members and their parents were welcomed at the Back to School BBQ Meeting. We began with our business portion of the meeting while members enjoyed their food. We discussed upcoming events for the chapter such as Fair 2019, our Cookie Dough Fundraiser, and our Greenhand Leadership Conference. After the business portion concluded, our members went outside to play dodgeball while the parents stayed inside to listen to a presentation by Mr. Faria and our chapter's President and Secretary. Dodgeball was played in groups of six and the winning team is pictured above.

Greenhand/Chapter     Degree Banquet

By: Isaiah Harvey   
December 14th 2018

Merced, CA- This year's Greenhand and Chapter Degree banquet was filled with many FFA members who were recognized for receiving either their Greenhand FFA Degree or their Chapter Degree. At the banquet, other awards were given out two multiple members that shined in different areas in our FFA Chapter, such as academics, sports, and even an award that recognized a student for stepping out of their comfort zone. 


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​FFA Movie Night

By: Isaiah Harvey
​November 16th 2018

Merced, CA-  Many FFA members gathered in the El Capitan Theatre to join our chapters FFA Movie Night. Before going to watch the movie the Officers announced who our 2018-2019 Greenhand officers were. Once the business was over all of the members that showed up were able to go grab a hot dog and some popcorn and enjoy the movie.  


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FFA Harvest Carnival

By: Isaiah Harvey
October 25th 2018

Merced, CA - The El Capitan FFA Chapter’s Halloween Carnival Meeting was held on October 24th from 5:30-7:30 pm. There were about 110 members at the meeting, the entire night was filled with fun and scares. There were so many different booths, which all had games that would make your night worthwhile. From donut on a string to the scary haunted house the event resulted in the members having a lot of fun cheering each other on.



Opening and Closing            Ceremonies

By: Isaiah Harvey
October 18th 2018

Gustine, CA - On October 17th Gustine High School and their FFA chapter hosted the annual Merced-Mariposa Section, Opening and Closing ceremonies contest.  In this competition, teams are made of six students who run through the FFA Opening-Closing Ceremonies. For this competition, teams are judged based off of how well they had their roles memorized, official uniform, team behavior, and individual behavior. This particular competition is limited to freshmen teams and the chapter officers. The El Capitan FFA had brought three freshmen teams, which all got gold. In team 1 Paulina Xayavong received Outstadning Vice President and Nick Williams received Outstanding Treasure. In team 2 Grace Bauer received Outstanding Treasure and Gina Kidd received Outstanding President. the officer team also received gold and Isaiah Harvey received Outstadning Reporter.


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FFA Swim Meeting

By: Isaiah Harvey
September 28th 2018

Merced, CA- On Thursday, September 28th was the El Capitan FFA swim meting where all members that attended were able to have a little fun and enjoy an afternoon in the water to help beat the heat. Everyone was having a blast cannonballing and flipping into the pool and overall having a great time with their fellow memebers. 


Ice Cream Social

By: Isaiah Harvey
September 7th 2018

Merced, CA- This year's ice cream social turned out great. It all took place during 5th period. Prior to the event, all of the Freshman members were given handwritten notes inviting them to come to the social. There were so many members here having a great time socializing and enjoying their ice creams with their friends. 



Back To School BBQ

By: Isaiah Harvey
August 29th 2018

Merced, CA- The Welcome Back BBQ had an amazing turnout this year. There was a great number of parents and members who attended. Our officers spent a lot of time getting to know new members that are new to the chapter. After everyone was able to get something to eat we were able to move on to the business portion of the meeting, where we talked about upcoming events and activities that the members could participate in. At the end of our meeting, we all went to the gym to play our activity. 


For this year's activity, we played dodgeball. We had two teams at a time going against one another to battle it out and see who would win within the two groups. We then had those groups that won the battle against each other competes to see who would be the dogeball champions of the day. 


Proficiency Awards National Winner

By: Isaiah Harvey
August 28th 2018

Merced, CA- Willis Wolf, an El Capitan FFA Student was selected as a national finalist for the National FFA Proficiency Award in Goat Production. Willis is one out of only four other people who were also chosen for the award! This award will be given at the 91st National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis this fall. This award will be recognizing outstanding student achievement in agribusiness. The award that Willis might receive is one of 47 proficiency program areas FFA members can participate in. Willis became eligible for the award when he won the state FFA competition earlier this year. In recognition of being a finalist, he will also receive a plaque and $500 to take home. 

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Water Board Rally 

By: Isaiah Harvey
August 20th 2018

Sacramento, CA- On August 20th some of the El Capitan FFA members went down to the steps of the Sacramento State Capital, joining all of the other schools in Merced County to attend the water rally. Here they were protesting about the recent water grab.