Celia Casso


Hometown: Merced, CA

High School Attended: Golden Valley

Education: Fresno State BS Ag Education-Emphasis in Plant Science 
Ag Experience: DuPont Field Technician, Veterinary Assistant, Ag Supply Retail Manager 
Teaches: Ornamental Horticulture, Floral Design, Advanced Floral, Ag Biology
SAE's: Dairy  & Rabbits
CDE's: Floriculture


Michelle Evans


Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

High School Attended: Don Antonio Lugo

Education: Fresno State BS Ag Education-Emphasis in Animal Science  
Ag Experience: Raised Sheep, Beef & Dairy Cattle, Swine
Teaches: Ag Earth Science, Vet Science, Animal Anatomy 
SAE's: Beef Cattle & Poultry
CDE's: Vet Science


Arthur Faria


Hometown: Lodi, CA

High School Attended: Tokay

Education: Fresno State BS Ag Education-Emphasis in Ag Mechanics. 
Ag Experience: Family Dairy, Hoof Trimmed Cows
Teaches: Small Engines, Advance Small Engines, Diesel
SAE's: Goats & Sheep
CDE's: Vine Pruning, Small Engines


Daniel Fishman


Hometown: LeGrand, Ca

High School Attended: LeGrand 

Education: Chico State BS Agriscience Emphasis in Education

Ag Experience: Welder/Mechanic, Tractor Operator

Teaches: Welding and fabrication

SAE's: Swine

CDE's: Ag Mechanics


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