Power Mechanics

Our Goal:

The goal of the El Capitan Power Mechanics program is to prepare students for a career as a heavy equipment mechanic. Power mechanics includes tractors, hydraulics, electrical systems, power trains, and diesel engines. There is a huge need for these mechanics and our program mirrors what is needed in the community. Our pathway classes includes:

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* Classes Articulate with Merced College

Ag Shop Skills *
Small Engines *
Advanced Small Engines/Power Equipment *
Ag Diesels

Students in the shop skills class learn basic shop skills. This class is a great foundation piece for students to either a welding career or mechanic career. Units in the class include:



-Cold Metal

-Blueprint Reading


-Residential Electricity



The small engines class is a great introductory course to engines. Students go through every system of a single cylinder Briggs & Stratton Engine. The main project they do is a complete tear down and rebuild of an engine. Units taught include:

-Engine Theory (2&4 Stroke)

-Fuel Systems

-Ignition Systems

-Cooling Systems


-Engine Adjustments

-Parts Ordering

The primary focus of the advanced class is to get students educated in  safety, operation, and on the external components of heavy equipment. Units in the class include:


-Charging Systems

-Electrical Systems



-Tractor Safety and Operation

-Tractor Uses and Components.   

Our Capstone course is the Ag Diesels course. This class combines all the skills learned in the previous classes and takes it to Diesel engines. Units in the class include:


-Diesel Engine Theory

-Cooling Systems

-Fuel Systems


-Lubrication System

-Servicing Procedures

-Engine Disassembly & Rebuild