Animal Science

Our Goal

The goal of the El Capitan Animal Science program is to prepare students for a career as a veterinarian or any Animal Science Career. The courses in this pathway are Intro to Ag Vet Science, Animal Anatomy and Physiology, and Veterinary Science. This course provides students with knowledge as well as hands-on experience.  Students who follow this pathway will learn varieties of animals as well as different breeds and develop an understanding of skills such as filling syringes and restraining animals. 

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*NEW* Intro:

Intro to Ag Vet Science

Our entry-level course for the Animal Science pathway is Introduction to Agricultural Vet Science. This course is designed to introduce students to the field of Veterinary Science. Students will explore the many aspects of the Animal Science industry from breeding and reproduction to marketing and consumption. Emphasis will be placed on current production aspects of the different animal industries.



Animal Anatomy

 This course is designed to give instruction in animal nutrition, reproductive physiology, animal genetics, and disease and parasites of livestock.  In addition, students will explore careers in agriculture and develop electronic portfolios, and learn cooperative marketing structure and how it applies to the agriculture industry.  General agribusiness management skills and leadership skills will be included.



Vet Science

Veterinary Science is designed to provide students with an opportunity to study the science of veterinary medicine, including animal anatomy and physiology, animal health, nutrition, and cause/prevention of disease.  Students will also learn various veterinary laboratory skills, aseptic and surgical procedures, basic radiology, and scientific research and writing skills.