Animal Science

          The goal of the El Capitan Animal Science program    is to prepare students for a career as a veterinarian. The courses in this pathway are Explorations in Agriculture, Animal Anatomy and Physiology, and Veterinary Science. This course provides students with knowledge as well as hands-on experience.  Students who follow this pathway will learn varieties of animals as well as different breeds and develop an understanding of skills such as filling syringes and restraining animals. 

Our Goal

Explorations in Agriculture

         Our entry-level course for the Animal Science pathway is explorations in agriculture. Students who take this course will get a basic understanding of FFA and agriculture. Having a deeper understanding of the agriculture industry is essential to finding a career in the field. Students who take this class are provided with hands-on experience and get to explore all of the pathways that we offer. 

Animal Anatomy

Vet Science

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