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The goal of the El Capitan Floriculture program is to prepare students for a career in floristry. These courses provide students with knowledge and hands-on experiences in the floral industry.  Students who follow this pathway will learn varieties of flowers and foliage, how to properly process flowers, create arrangements, and gain an understanding of floral and art history. By taking this class,  students have the opportunity to earn their Floral Design Certification. The courses in this pathway include:

Art and History of Floral Design 1

Art and History of Floral Design 2

Retail Floral Design 3

Art & History of
Floral Design 1

Art & History of
Floral Design 2

Floral Design 3-
Retail Floral


In our Floral 1 course, students will learn a wide range of flowers, foliages, and floral tools as well as basic floral skills. Some of these skills include; making arrangements, wrapping wires, creating boutonnieres, caring for flowers, and more. Students will also do a unit on the history of floral design and gain knowledge each era.


The Advanced Floral course is available to students who have completed Floral 1. Students will gain more experience in arranging and working with flowers to improve their skills. In Advanced Floral, more arrangements will be made and the arrangements will be more difficult than the introductory course.  

The Retail Floral Design course is designed to help students gain entrepreneurial skills commonly used in the floral design industry. Students complete orders for customers and do arrangements for special events, funerals, prom, and monthly floral subscription customers.  

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