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Ag Welding CDE

Ag. Welding is a Career Development Event that falls under the Ag. Mechanics pathway. Students are tested on their ability to use several different welding processes that include: FCAW, SMAW, GMAW, Oxy-Fuel, TIG, and their various positions. Students are also tested on their knowledge beyond the application, such as the process theory and uses for the application. Students are required to have a portfolio of past work that relates to the field. They will take that portfolio and a resume into a mock interview for a welding position. The interview is graded as part of the contest using a rubric that grades the students on professionalism, materials provided, and interview skills. This contest is highly recommended for students that wish to continue in the welding field as they leave high school as it prepares them for industry standards in processes as well as professionalism.

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