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Legacy Starts with El Capitan FFA

By Shaminka Elwin

El Capitan FFA Chapter Reporter


This year, 2023 the El Capitan FFA officers and Advisors visited San Luis Obispo for the annual officer retreat. During this three-day retreat they explored the events of this upcoming year's calendar, identifying the goals the El Capitan FFA Chapter would like to accomplish, strengthening the relationships and team building skills between the officers and advisors. The newly elected 2023-2024 chapter officer team includes Adrian Soto, President; Abigail Schneider, Vice-President; Jasmin Hernandez, Secretary; Advaitaa Shyamprasad, Treasurer; Shaminka Elwin, Reporter; Silas Camp, Sentinel; Violette Walker, Historian. El Capitan’s FFA advisors are Mrs. Kaylyn Davenport, Ms. Julie Schellhase, Ms. Celia Casso, Mrs. Michaela Pignone, Mr. Daniel Fishman, and Mr. Jeff Clark.


The officer retreat was a great way for FFA officers to socialize amongst the Advisors and fellow officers. Some bonding activities included going on  a hike at Bishop's Peak where they were able to overlook San Luis Obispo as well as partaking in an escape room where the officers learned to cooperate with each other and express different ideas to escape. They also created different activities to bond and learn new things about each other.


The El Capitan FFA officers are thrilled about the new school year. The officers strive to increase the involvement of current members in their chapter. “I am most excited to see our members laughing and enjoying our meetings knowing we try to make it an inviting space,” said our President Adrian Soto.  Our motto “Legacy Starts Here” represents our chapter as we introduce new opportunities to our members for future success. During the years our chapter has grown and developed into a wonderful experience as members can join different teams that cater to their pathways.

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