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El Capitan High School Floral Design Students Create Arrangements for Community Members 

By Branyon Bliss, El Capitan FFA Chapter Reporter

Throughout the years of El Capitan's FFA being established, Floral Design has been a staple in El Capitan's Ag department. Students join the class for many reasons, as well as the class offers many benefits. Over the years, the floral design class sizes have grown tremendously every year. Everyday students bring home valuable skills to help them design gifts for birthdays, holidays and such, as well as students earning skills to maybe start a small business out of the skills they learn in class or just to make arrangements for fun. On top of all of the amazing skills that students learn in class,  Students can further develop and advance their skills by being on the state champion Floral design CDE team. Students take the skills that they learned in class, and further educate themselves through time spent studying floral arrangements, and such. Even better than the aspects that have been said, students get to build better friendships with others which brings students closer together. Students learn team building skills, such as communication and collaboration. Overall the El Capitan floral team offers many benefits. Some benefits such as making new friendships, learning life-skills such as time management, and learning a skill that can benefit in creating a business, creating arrangements for gifts, and more. With all of these amazing benefits that the Floral Design Team has to offer we look forward to getting new students excited and involved in our program, and the floral design team is a great start for many students. 

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