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El Capitan High School Welding Students Get AMP'd for Career Skills

By Branyon Bliss, El Capitan FFA Chapter Reporter

Four El Capitan High School Agriculture Welding students attended the AMP'd conference at Butte College. The two day conference emphasized training in the welding and manufacturing industry.  On day one of the conference students used many different machines to fabricate a bench that would be critiqued to help them impove skills. They also get to take the bench home to share with classmates. On the second day, students were given the opportunity to tour the manufacturing companies, Transflow and Thomas manufacturing. After both of those tours students were taken we went back to Butte College and were taught how to powder coat and sandblast. Butte College provided students with the opportunity to learn about and use modern and state of the art equipment. 

Overall, it was a great learning experience for those who attended, and students were able to apply what they learned from the conference into their shop classes at El Capitan High School. All students who attended are also members of the El Capitan FFA Welding team, and have completed various certifications that have helped them build their resume throughout high school. Dylan Robinson, ECHS senior who attended the conference said, "I love that agriculture education provides us with career skills. I plan to become a welding teacher, and feel so prepared because of the skills I have gained throughout high school. I have also loved that ag education and FFA have given me so many opportunities to travel and gain life experiences." Students who attended the conference include Layla Davidson (senior), Dylan Robinson (senior), Aaron Greggins (Junior), and John Thao (senior). 

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