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El Capitan FFA Christmas Meeting

By Branyon Bliss, El Capitan FFA Chapter Reporter



A few weeks ago, El Capitan FFA held a Christmas meeting, in the El Capitan cafeteria. The meeting was held with all sorts of games, such as a gingerbread house building competition, various board games and more. The meeting was a huge success and El Capitan FFA members got to socialize with friends, and discuss whatever they wanted to discuss. The meeting brought me members together with encouraged the fact of team building, communication skills, and building friendships with other students who these may have never got the opportunity to meet had they not attend our Christmas FFA meeting.


Our purpose, is the propose to students that they are welcomed into the el capital FFA chapter with open arms allowing them to pursue any section of schooling through pathways which lead them to the future pursuits, and throughout their high school career we hope to bring happiness to them through love, and care, which our chapter extinguishes through our kind, and generous character. The meaning of meetings like our Christmas meeting at El Capitan, this year was to make students feel welcomed and they can be themselves in an event that accepts every factor of life and character. We thank everyone that came to our annual El Capitan FFA Christmas meeting and look forward to the amazing future that lies ahead of us. 


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