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El Capitan High School Agriculture Welding Students Receive Prestigious Industry Certification

Written by Branyon Bliss, El Capitan FFA Reporter


This past summer, El Capitan Agriculture teacher, Mr. Daniel Fishman, spent two weeks training at the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology in Ohio. Through this rigorous training, Mr. Fishman was able to earn his Certified Welding Inspector Certification through the American Welding Society.


The American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector is a title that allows an individual to check and sign off welds to a specific code that protects public safety. As an educator, this certification can be used to qualify students to AWS (American Welding Society) standards for various different welding processes, materials, and welding positions. This is one of the only industry recognized certifications that can be offered to those seeking a welding career. 


When a student receives a stamp of approval from Mr. Fishman as a Certified Welding Inspector, they have the opportunity to directly enter the workforce with an industry recognized certificate from the American Welding Society. AWS is the leading non-government entity that oversees welding code that is recognized worldwide.


Welding students at El Capitan have learned and gained many skills in welding classes after learning from Mr. Fishman and from partaking in additional welding experiences that he advised. Some AWS certifications that El Capitan offers include Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding certifications in all positions, and many more. This year, eight ECHS Ag Welding students were awarded with the certification. 


Robert Diego: AWS D1.1 SMAW 3G,

Robert Diego: AWS D1.1 FCAW 3G,

Briana Martinez: AWS D1.1 SMAW 1G,

Paul Silva: AWS D1.1 SMAW 1G,

Javier Cruz: AWS D1.1 SMAW 3G,

Brandon Meneley: AWS D1.1 FCAW 3G,

Brandon Meneley: AWS D1.1 SMAW 3G,

Joshua Col: AWS D1.1 SMAW 3G,

John Thao: AWS D1.1 SMAW 3G,

Aaron Greggains: AWS D1.1 SMAW 3G,

Aaron Greggains: AWS D1.1 FCAW 3G.


By receiving these certifications, students achieved many of their goals of becoming who they want to be personally and professionally. Most students who were awarded with AWS certifications are planning to obtain a career in welding. El Capitan FFA senior, Joshua Col, will be attending college in Utah to work toward becoming a welding engineer. He said, “this certification is something many my age are not able to obtain, earning this certification is great for my resume and is a great step in helping me achieve my career goals.” We are so proud of our Welding Certificates this past year. We look forward to next year as new students receive their own welding certifications and build their future.

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