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El Capitan Ag Welding Team Succeeds at First Welding Competition

By Branyon Bliss, El Capitan FFA Chapter Reporter

Every year, El Capitan holds its annual course fair for students to research and learn more about what different pathways have to offer, and what has the most value to the student that is considering that pathway. The course fair is held at the very beginning of the first semester, as well as the end of 1st semester. The reason for this is because it allows students to switch, considering that it is at the beginning of the semester, if they do not particularly like a certain pathway, or they just want to change their pathway to experience new things. This year, at the end of the 1st semester the coarse fair was held in the ECHS Practice gym. The practice gym was packed with intriguing booths, for pathways, clubs, and more. In addition to these amazing booths, El Capitan FFA held 6 different pathway booths at this semester's course fair. These booths had a number of students (including chapter officers) within their booth to ensure that they were getting real life details about the pathway.  Overall the course fair this year was a huge success and had so many interested students, intrigued by the opportunities that FFA offers, and that it is unlike any other pathway. FFA is a way to grow outside of school, and AG has so many opportunities and routes to success, it is one of a kind. We look forward to the next course fair, and all of the adventures that it leads students to. 

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