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El Capitan FFA Elects Greenhand Officer Team

By Branyon Bliss, El Capitan FFA Chapter Reporter


The El Capitan FFA Chapter Officer team is excited for the opportunity to work with 8 freshmen this year, who were elected to serve as Greenhand FFA Officers. Greenhand Officer applications were made available to freshmen wanting to become more involved in FFA, and learn more about what El Capitan FFA has to offer as a chapter. Interested applicants completed an application which were then analyzed by the current FFA Chapter Officer team.  After reviewing students' responses, candidates were interviewed over a two day period. “Every student did an amazing job at their interview,” said Dylan Robinson, El Capitan FFA Chapter President, “candidates gave a clear description of themselves, and overall did extremely well for their first interview in high school. Everyone should be really proud of themselves.” The Chapter Officer team would like to congratulate all candidates for their efforts, and are eager to see each candidate succeed in their futures. After all interviews were concluded, the 2022-2023 Greenhand Officer team was determined: President: Madysen Dietz, Vice President: Henry Garcia, Secretary: Danica Roden, Treasurer: Abigail Schneider, Reporter: Grace Phillips, Sentinel: Nestor Martinez, Historian: Alexyana Hernandez, Parliamentarian: Maria Jovita Medellin Reynaga. These candidates exemplified great character as young, upcoming FFA members. Their interest in improving and learning more about El Capitan's Agriculture department is why they were chosen for their specific position. The El Capitan FFA program looks forward to an amazing year with these up and coming FFA stars and cannot wait to see what they offer to the El Capitan FFA chapter. 

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