Greenhand Officer Team 20-21

President - Dylan Robinson

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       Meet your 2019-2020 Greenhand President, Dylan Robinson! Dylan is involved in football and baseball. Currently, Dylan is in three Ag classes; ag biology, ag leadership, and ag shop skills. His goal is to continue being an active FFA member throughout his four years and become a chapter officer. 
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Vice President - Zachary Ochoa

         Meet your 2019-2020 Greenhand Vice President, Zachary Ochoa! Zach loves wrestling and that is his main hobby. He competed for Opening and Closing and Creed Speaking.  Zach is currently enrolled in Ag Biology and Explorations in Ag. In the future, he would like to take more ag classes and become a chapter officer. 
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Secretary - Rose Grajeda

         Meet your 2019-2020 chapter Secretary, Rose Grajeda! Rose is involved with GSA, Leo, and Drama Club. This year, she competed for Opening and Closing and is enrolled in Ag Biology and Ag Leadership.  In the future, Rose wants to continue being involved in FFA and become a chapter officer. 
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Treasurer - Leo Martinez

       Meet your 2019-2020 Greenhand Treasurer, Leo Martinez! Leo enjoys baseball, playing with his dog, and spending time with his friends and family.  In the future, he looks forward to continuing FFA and baseball and eventually becoming a welder or engineer.
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Reporter - Evelyn Lerma

         Meet your 2019-2020 Greenhand Reporter, Evelyn Lerma! Evelyn's favorite hobbies are riding and showing horses. In her free time, she can be found with her family and friends. In the remainder of her time at El Capitan she wants to stay active in FFA. After High School, she would like to go to UC Berkely and study law.

Sentinel - Joseline Avila

         Meet your 2019-2020 Greenhand Sentinel, Joseline Avila! Joseline is originally from Arizona. In her free time, she loves to write about any topic. Julianna is happiest when she is in her Arizona home town. As for the future, she isn't sure what college she would like to attend but she plans to be an Obstetrician and Gynecologist.
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Ambassador - Kayla Alvarado

     Meet your 2019-2020 Greenhand Ambassador, Kayla Alvarado! Kayla is born and raised in Merced.  She is in explorations in ag and ag earth science. In her free time, she enjoys painting and spending time with her friends. In the future, she wants to attend college in Sacramento or Monterey and become a social worker.