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Ice Cream Social Builds Collaboration Skills Among FFA Members

By Shaminka Elwin, El Capitan FFA Reporter

The El Capitan FFA held an ice cream social at the September Meeting. This meeting was held in the El Capitan High School cafeteria where the members were able to play many games such as BINGO, musical chairs, and more. At the start of the meeting, the officers performed the FFA  opening and closing ceremonies followed by our chapter President, Adrian Soto introducing the 2023-2024 Chapter Officer team. El Capitan’s chapter officer team consists of Adrian Soto, President; Abigail Schneider, Vice president; Jasmin Hernandez, Secretary; Advaitaa Shyamprasad, Treasurer; Shaminka Elwin, Reporter; Silas Camp, Sentinel; and Violett Walker, Historian


Students were able to choose from multiple ice cream flavors and toppings. The ice cream social was a great way for our members to socialize and build connections with one another. The El Capitan FFA Chapter Officer Team was happy with the overall success of the event. “ I believe the meeting went amazingly well,” said Advaitaa Shyamprasad, El Capitan FFA Chapter Treasurer.  The Ice Cream social was a huge success, and El Capitan FFA looks forward to future meetings, where students can enjoy what El Capitan FFA has to offer to all students.

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